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12 Volt Power Adapter with 2 - Pin Terminal Block
The TC3PS-TB-10 Universal Power Adapter draws only 1.0 Amp and is compatible with small TC Communications fiber optic products such as the "Pocket Rocket" compact fiber optic modem series. It is a 115/240V AC to 12V DC Power Adapter with a 2-Pin Terminal Block connector.
  • Double Insulated
  • Low Leakage Current
  • Field Changeable AC Plugs
  • Low Cost
  • 5% NL-FL Regulation
  • Class B EMI



This power adapter applies to the following products:

  • TC3212
  • TC3105
  • TC1100
  • TC1200
  • TC1230
  • TC1540
  • TC1504
  • TC1520
  • TC1540
  • TC1630


DC Output
  1. Voltage12V
  1. Minimum0A
  2. Maximum1.0A
Ripple (1)
  1. P-P (max)120mV
  1. Line5%
  2. Load5%






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