Model TC3705  
10/100Base-T Ethernet Fiber Optic Switch


TC3705S Standalone Unit

TC3705S (rear view)


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  • 4 Ethernet 10/100-Base Auto-Sensing UTP Ports

  • 1 Fiber Optic 100Base-FX Port

  • Distances up to 80km

  • Multimode or Single Mode (1300/1550nm)

  • Full or Half-Duplex Operation

  • Hardened Temperature (optional), -40C to 80C

  • Exceeds Pertinent NEMA & Caltrans Traffic Control Specifications

  • Rackmount or Stand Alone


Featuring distances up to 80km, the TC3705 10/100Base-T Ethernet Fiber Optic Switch provides a 100Base-FX port that combines Ethernet Switching and Fiber Optic technology to boost total network bandwidth.

The TC3705 offers one multimode (1300nm) or single mode (1300/1550nm) optical port and four Ethernet 10/100Base-T Auto-Sensing switched ports. Each of these ports supports either 10Base-T or 100Base-T. There are two optional versions (Model TC3705T) for extreme temperature applications (-20C to 70C, -40C to 80C).

Because it functions like an Ethernet bridge (connects multiple Ethernet segments to prevent unnecessary network traffic), it creates an efficient sub-divided switched LAN that provides full and transparent bandwidth for each segment.

The TC3705's modern switching technology eliminates the congestion problem inherent to the contention-oriented Ethernet CSMA/CD protocol. This improves predictable response times under heavy network loads. Previously, expensive routing technology was used to alleviate congestion from heavy traffic loads. Power is 12VDC, optional 24Vdc, -48Vdc, 125Vdc or 115/230VAC with an external power cube. The TC3705S is the standalone/wallmount unit. The TC3705R rackmount version fits into the TCRM192 or TCRM196 19" rackmount card cages. Optical connectors can be SC, ST or FC.

TC3705 Specifications

Data Rates
10/100 Mbps (Auto-Sensing)
Interface 100Base-FX
Transmitter ELED, LASER
Receiver PIN Diode
Wavelength 1300nm Multimode
1300nm, 1550nm Single Mode
Fiber Optic Connectors ST, optional FC or SC
Loss Budget*
(1300nm, 1550nm)
Multimode (62.5/125m): 15dB
Single Mode (9/125m): 15dB
Switch/HUB/Bridge Ports 4 RJ-45 Female
Interface Ethernet 10/100Base-T
Safety CSA
Emission FCC Class A
Bit Error Rate 1 in 10^9 or better
Visual Indicators
System Status Power, Status (10) 
Port Status (Each Port) 10/100, Act, Link, Tx, Rx, Speed
Dry Contact Normal OPEN
Standard 12VDC @ 500mA
Optional 24VDC, -48VDC, 125VDC or 115/230VAC (with external power cube)
Operating -10 to 50C
High Temp (Optional) -20 to 70C
Hardened (Optional) -40 to 80C
Storage -40 to 90C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Physical (Standalone/Wallmount Unit)
Height (3.53 cm) 1.4"
Width (18.14 cm) 7.1"
Depth (16.57 cm) 6.5"
Weight (544 gm) 1.2 lbs

Typical Application (Application Questions)

The TC3705 10/100 Ethernet Switch is a low cost and flexible bandwidth solution to efficiently handle the heavy traffic of local workgroups - reducing the need of expensive routers that usually cater to the network backbone.