Model TC1680
T3/E3 Fiber Optic Modem

TC1680S (shown with Optical Redundancy)    2 X TC1680R in 1U High Rack Mount Card Cage

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  • Compliant with ANSI T.102 - 1987, TR-TSY-000499 and CCITT G.703
  • Coax input port Receive Equalizer
  • Selectable transmit line build out (LBQ) to accommodate shorter line lengths
  • Low jitter with receive signals retiming at both fiber and coax port
  • Offers laser transmitter a option for fiber optic interface
  • Built-in self and link tests for diagnostic LED indicators on the front panel


The Model TC1680, T3/E3 Fiber Optic Modem provides a point to point high speed data link between two DS-3 conforming devices. The distance between adapters can be extended up to 30 km with a laser transmitter option. The T3/E3 Model TC1680 adapter is especially valuable for extending your DS-3 circuits to another building on the premises.

Besides distance, a fiber optic link offers more advantages than coax for DS-3 Data. A fiber cable has a characteristics of high bandwidth, low loss, less signal distortion, and high noise immunity. It can provide user with a clean, secure link and helps eliminate problems associated with coax cable such as noise, crosstalk and power surges.

The Model TC1680 also is a repeater for DS-3 data. Signals received from both fiber and coax port inputs are retimed and reconstructed to reduce jitter and distortion.

TC1680 Specifications
Data Rates
T3 44.736 Mbps
E3 34.368 Mbps
Transmitter LED/ELED/Laser Diode
Receiver PIN
Wavelength 850nm/1300nm multimode
  1300nm singlemode
Fiber Optic connectors ST (FC or SMA optional)
Loss Budget 15dB multimode 850nm/1310nm @62.5um
  15dB single mode 1310nm @9um
  Contact Factory for Higher Loss Budgets
Connector BNC/Coaxial
Interface T3/E3
Bit error rate 1 in l09 or better
Power source 9 to I2VDC @120ma typical
optional: 115 or 230VAC with external power cube
Operating -100C to 500C
Storage -400C to 900C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Stand Alone Unit Height (3.5cm) 1.40"
  Width (18.1cm)7.25"
  Depth (25.3cm) 9.85"
  Weight (0.83kg) 1.85 lb

 Typical Application (Application Questions)

The TC1680 is ideal for most T3/E3 connectivity applications up to distances of 100km.  Typical applications include replacing coaxial cable with fiber, extending the point of presence from Telco demarcation points and ATM nodes, transmitting digitized video or linking T3/E3 multiplexers.