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Model TC8800 
2 - 28 channels - Telephone, Analog & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer

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  • Up to 28 Telephone Lines and/or 2/4-wire 600 Ohm Analog, RS-232, RS-422, TTL,
       Dry Contact Closure, Dry Contact Detector
  • 2-Wire Analog PBX and Key System Compatible
  • Multimode or Single Mode (850/1300/1550nm)
  • Built-In Power Redundancy
  • Optical Redundancy (optional)
  • Hi-Temp & Extreme Temp (optional)
  • Hot Swappable Rack Mount Cards
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  • Description

    The TC8800 4-to-28 channel Telephone & Data Fiber Optic Multiplexer links or extends data & telephone lines in campus networks. In many instances the TC8800 can replace expensive channel banks.

    Users can mix or match telephone channels or RS-232, RS422 TTL, Dry Contact Closure, Dry Contact Detector and 2/4-wire 600 Ohm Analog Lines in increments of four channels. For example, a user could multiplex 20 telephone channels & 8 RS-232 data channels. It supports Telephone channels from 300Hz to 3.4Khz & asynchronous data rates to 19.2 Kbps.

    The TC8800 converts 2-wire FXS to fiber optics on the telephone side with ring down capability and FXO on the PBX side. Distances up to 80km are typical over single mode fiber, 4km over multimode fiber. Because it digitizes the analog signals (PCM), voice quality does not degrade over extended distances.

    TC8800 Specifications

    Audio Bandwidth
    Telephone 300 Hz to 3.4 Khz
    2/4-wire Analog 300 Hz to 3.4 Khz
    Interfaces Async RS-232, RS-422, TTL, or Dry Contact Closure/Detector
    Rates Up to 19.2 Kbps
    Channel Capacity
    TC8800S 4 or 8 Channels
    TC8800R 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 Channels
    Transmitter ELED, ELED, LASER*
    Receiver PIN Diode
    Wavelength 1300nm Multimode
    1300nm, 1550nm Single Mode
    Fiber Optic Connectors ST, FC or SC
    Loss Budget* (1300nm, 1550nm) Multimode (62.5/125m): 15dB

    Single Mode (9/125m): 20dB

    Connector RJ11 (Female)
    Bit Error Rate 1 in 1010 or better
    Dry Contact Normal Open
    Visual Indicators
    System PWR A, PWR B, VccA, VccB, ALARM
    Channel Status RXD, TXD, Alarm
    Optical Signal Status SyncB, Optic in Use, RXA, RXB, VLIN
    Diagnostic Functions
    Local and Remote Loopback
    Standard 12VDC
    Optional 24VDC, or  115/230VAC (with external power cube (on Standalone Units)
    Optional 24VDC -48VDC, 125VDC or 115/230VAC (on Rackmount Cards)
    Operating -10 to 50C
    Hi-Temp (optional) -20 to 70C
    Hi-Temp2 (optional) -40 to 80C
    Storage -40 to 90C
    Humidity 95% non-condensing
    Physical (Standalone/Wallmount Unit)
    Height (3.18 cm) 1.25"
    Width (15.06 cm) 5.93"
    Depth (21.84 cm) 8.60"
    Weight (477 gm) 1.05 lbs

    Typical Application (Application Questions)

    The TC8800 is typically used to link or extend data and telephone lines in campus networks. In many instances the TC8800 can replace expensive channel banks.